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  • 1 Person
  • 30 Templates
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$ 5.00 / per month

Upgrade Plan
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Team Shared Templates
  • $ 7 / person per month

All plans come with these tomato-tastic perks:

Template Tomato-Backups: No worries about losing your hard work. We've got your templates backed up, just like ripe tomatoes in a safe basket.

Dynamic Tomato Variables in Templates: Personalize your messages with changing info, like adding a pinch of spice to your tomato sauce.

Super Tomato Text Editor: Our text editor is like a top-notch chef for your words. It's got all the fancy ingredients – formatting, pictures, links – you name it!

Email Attachments, Tomato-Style: Just like adding extra ingredients to your salad, you can attach files to your emails with ease.

Fill in Tomato Fields: Need to address your email? No problem! Fill in the subject, who it's going to, and even the secret CC and BCC sauce.

Insert Templates Anywhere, Tomato Magic: Spread your tomato-flavored messages all over the web, like tomato sauce on a pizza crust.

Email Support, Ripe and Ready: If you're in a pickle, we've got your back. Reach out through email, and we'll be there faster than you can say "tomato!

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