Tomato Templates

A Tomato Template is a ripe piece of text that you can effortlessly insert into any website input field (think text areas and text inputs).

Tomato Templates are the seeds of efficiency, saving you from writing the same text repeatedly. Any repetitive text you frequently use can become a delicious Tomato Template, no matter its length!

Plant the Seed: Click the Tomato icon on your browser's top-right, and head to "Manage Templates."

Ripe and Ready: Click the "New Template" button to create your very own Tomato Template.

Give It a Name: In the text box, name your template, then select a "Text Shortcut" (the secret code to summon your template), and finally, add the "Template Content" in the text box. Create a new template and let it ripen!

Savor the Flavor: Click "Save Template" to nurture your freshly created Tomato Template.

Harvest Time: Go to your email webpage, create a new email, and type your "Text Shortcut." Then, press the Tab key on your keyboard, and watch your Tomato Template content fill in magically!

Embrace the Dynamic: Tomato Templates support dynamic variables that inject changing pieces of information, like your name or today's date.

Super Tomato Powers: Tomato Templates can perform additional actions on the page you're on when inserted. They can fill in other fields, add attachments, or even switch the email address you're sending from.

Organize with Tomato Tags: Tag your templates to keep your Tomato Garden well-organized and thriving!

Savor the Flavor Anywhere: Export your templates with ease from the dashboard! Just press the "Export templates" button in the main menu to get started.

Juicy CSV Delights: Your Tomato Templates will be neatly packed into a downloadable CSV file, ripe and ready to go straight to your computer.

Search is the Vine: As your team cultivates a variety of templates, Tomato helps you locate the perfect one effortlessly.

Fuzzy Tomato Hunt: Our fuzzy searching technique means we'll find templates that approximately match your search query in the Title, Shortcut, or Body. No need to worry about precise phrasing!

Tagged and Fresh: Filter templates using Tags to keep your Tomato Template garden well-organized and easy to navigate.

For the Pickiest Taste: Need an exact match or a specific template? Our advanced search features let you pinpoint the perfect Tomato Template for your needs. Enjoy the ripest results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tomato sprouts templates on every website!

Nope, Tomato is absolutely free!

Any time you use a Tomato template, that’s considered a website “change.” Tomato needs your permission to make those changes, and that’s how we help you sprout tasty templates for everyday use.

Log into your Tomato Dashboard.

Go to Settings → My Account.

Navigate to “Delete account.”

Click, “I’m sure,” if you’re sure about deleting your account.

When you delete your Tomato account, all of your templates will be lost and there will no longer be a login associated with your email address.

First, upload your image to an image hosting service of your choice.

Copy the link of your image.

Create or edit a new Tomato template.

Click on “insert image.”

Now you should see a freshly sprouted image in your template!